SLA Re-Forms in Spring 2008

Have you every thought about pursuing employment in an archive? What about a hospital? A law firm? These are just a few of the library settings that are considered to be “specialized”. There are many different types of specialized libraries and this branch of library and information science is actually the fastest growing division within the field, in terms of job creation and growth.

The Special Libraries Association is similar in function to the American Library Association. SLA organizes national and regional conferences and provides professional development courses and materials to its members. Becoming a member will also grant you access to SLA’s unique networking tools, career development tools, information resources, and advocacy information.

If you think you might be interested in learning more about specialized libraries, consider joining the student chapter of SLA here at UB. This semester we are planning on organizing library tours at local corporate, archival, law, and medical libraries. We are also working on recruiting a panel of special librarians to come in for a panel discussion about unique opportunities within these types of institutions.

Want to get involved? Check out our UB SLA Facebook page for more information about the chapter and our upcoming events!

~~Kristen Kelly

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