SLAWNY Plans Workshops for Future SLMS Students

SLAWNY is an organization for present and future library media specialists.  They meet several times a school year and they plan fun and educational workshops.  The organization has smaller network meetings broken down geographically (Northtowns, Southtowns, etc.) and by grade level (elementary, middle, etc.) (  There is also a book group, where all members are encouraged to attend to learn about the literature in our field and a travel group, to get out and enjoy each others company.

Not only are these meetings great for networking, but they are valuable learning tools as well.  So far this year we have been introduced to jobbers; we had a Book Arts workshop where Roycroft Renaissance Artisan Diane Bond, showed us how to create our own different types of book art, as well as showed us homemade books of various binding techniques and examples of books as art; we had dinner with Larry Dane Brimner, an award winning author of 150 books, including picture books, biographies, chapter books, and non-fiction books; and we also took a virtual tour of the Library of Congress Web site, where we discovered primary sources, sampled the Library’s services and resources, including Ask a Librarian, Today in History, Portals of the World, the Learning Page, and more!

Next up is Spring Sharing on March 29 at Cheektowaga High School, where there will be workshops on grant and scholarship writing, National Board certification, collaboration and more!  Hope to see you there!

~~Tina Scavo

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