Students Come Together, Write Newsletter

How ever did that happen I wonder? (The title, not the byline)

What you hold in your very hands, fellow student, or are looking at on computer screen, is UB DLIS’s Interesting Student Blog & News (ISBN). The various organizations here in the DLIS have come together to create a newsletter that will not only serve as an alphabet soup primer, but as a way for students to quickly find information on what each organization is doing and what events are being planned.

This newsletter exists in two forms: a PDF and a blog. The blog address is: There you will find a copy of each month’s newsletter as well as updates on social events, workshops, and conferences. Please feel free to leave commentsand contact us about putting up a post.

Additionally, we are seeking submissions from students and faculty members. In this issue, we have a film review of “Desk Set”, and an ALA midwinter conference narrative, which are just a few types of articles we are open to printing. If you would like to know more about submissions, visit our blog for submission guidelines and contact information.

Posted below, in separate posts based on club, are updates and articles from each organization. They are categorized based upon association, making it easier for our reader to find the group that appeals to him or her the most. Enjoy reading and please contact us with any comments and questions!

~~Ellie Jones


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