UB ALA Advances Plans for Professional Development

UB ALA has hit the grounding running this semester. Group members are becoming more involved and motivated – which is great to see and even better to experience.

For those who don’t know, UB ALA is the student chapter of the American Library Association here on campus. It’s a great way to start involving yourself with the national organization with whom you will be working throughout your career. Our goal is to aid in professional development of students, before our careers even begin. This way, when we are finally working in our respective fields we can have a head start towards success. We hope to enable students in expanding their skill sets, so to be the difference between themselves and other candidates or colleagues.

Over the course of this semester, the chapter has many goals set for completion, some of which include: holding talks and lectures relevant to promoting our professional goals; designing and printing a new chapter t-shirt; organizing a student trip to the NYLA/SLMS conference in May; helping facilitate the creation of a student newsletter (if you’re reading this – success!); updating the chapter bylaws; charity events and more.

They are still ways to be involved with the group even if you are not on campus very often or live in Rochester. We are always looking for ideas and input from all students in the program. We also are interested in appointing a Rochester Liaison so that more programs and events can occur there.

~~Kelly Kroese

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