UB ALA Throws Book-raiser, Unveils New Shirt

The UB ALA has many things happening in the upcoming month. First off, we’d like to thank Britt White, Karen Morse and Jessica Tanny for presenting as part of our speaker series. They were informative and interesting, and we’re glad they could share their experience and knowledge with our students. Second, our bake sale was a big success. Thanks to all to baked, including those people who don’t get to make it to meetings. It’s nice to know you’re still thinking about us! Now, for the events of April: Saturday, April 5th we’re having a wine & cheese soirée to give students an opportunity to discuss issues pertinent to library and information science. Everyone who comes must bring one discussion topic to submit to the group. We’ll pick topics out of a hat, and hear what people have to say. Hopefully it will be a nice social event where we can all gain more perspective on the issues. To RSVP contact us at: ubstudentala@gmail.com. Our second big event, Books Behind Bars, is going to be held Friday, April 18th. We will be collecting book donations to help build a new library in the Cattaraugus County Jail. Donations must be new or gently-used paperback books and brought to us the 18th at Cozumel Grill, 153 Elmwood between North and Allen. Everyone who brings a book gets a free drink (limit one per person). More details on the website and look out for posters.

We also have a new t-shirt design! Look for it on the website, and to be printed up hopefully by the end of the semester. If not, we’ll have them for next year and on the website.


~ Kelly Kroese


3 thoughts on “UB ALA Throws Book-raiser, Unveils New Shirt

  1. Jeremy says:

    I really like the t-shirt design and am looking forward to buying one. Do you have an idea on the price?

  2. Ellie Jones says:

    Ooooer, I really like this one!

  3. ubdlisisbn says:

    The t-shirt price will be only $10! What a deal!
    To reserve your shirt today, send an email to ubstudentala@gmail.com.

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