Summer Course Offered

Extreme Conservation and Preservation

August 4-8, 2008 Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Sibley Music Library, 27 Gibbs Street, Rochester, NY 14604

Immerse yourself in an operating library preservation program at Sibley Music Library, a department of the Eastman School of Music. The focus of the course is hands-on experience, both in repair techniques and in preservation strategies, with particular emphasis on “extreme binding” techniques for heavily used materials and unusual formats, and matching preservation decisions to library mission. Additional lectures on administration, work flow organization, digitization and special materials will be included. Enrollment is limited to 8 students and the curriculum is tailored each year to address the particular backgrounds and needs of students. The course will be of value to library science students, professional and support staff, and private collectors. For more information, contact Alice Carli at (585) 274-1375 or

The course is available either for credit (1-3 credits, including additional written assignments) or non-credit. The tuition amounts given below do not include room and board, which is available in the student dormitory as a separate package. You can click on the following links for more information and to download registration materials, or call the Eastman Summer Session office at (800) 246-4706.

$990/1 credit CRN 15848
$475/noncredit CRN 15830

Professional Development Hours: 35

Specific topics to be covered vary depending on students’ interests but have included:

    • paper conservation
    • pamphlet binding of new sheet music
    • custom pamphlets, pocket cases and boxes
    • hard-cover binding repair
    • what to look/ask for from commercial binders for heavily used materials
    • conservation supplies and suppliers
    • overview of digital preservation and access
    • in-house digitization workflow
    • overview of conservation of recordings

Alice Carli


Sibley Music Library


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