A Student Success Story

By Luis Davila

I graduated from UB with a BA in English and decided to enter the MLS program.  I graduated from the program with a MLS degree and a license to work as a public librarian in September 2001.  However, just before I officially received my diploma, 9/11 happened and the economy suffered a downturn.  The jobs available for my degree dried up and I had to go through a long drawn out process of trying to get a job in the field. 

Between 2001-2004, I interviewed for positions within the area (which isn’t easy since the public library system here is in shambles) and as far south as Miami and as far west as Las Vegas (both over the phone).  I worked in the steel plant that my father worked in during 2002 as I continued to look for work in the field to no success.  This didn’t last long and I was searching again.  I even wound up temping in various offices until 2004 when I decided to come back and go for my certification as a School Media Specialist here at UB.  I started in May 2004 and finished in August 2005. 

I came back to school to take summer classes in the summer of ’06 and decided to complete the advance certification for the LIS program (a notch below actually going for a full PhD) and will finish at the end of the semester.  This past Monday, April 14, 2008, I was hired by my hometown’s public library, Lackawanna Public Library as a Librarian I, part-time, which is how all librarians start out in the B&ECPL system.  I begin on May 1st and am extremely excited about finally beginning my career.

So, it should be said that if even someone like me can finally get a job in the field, it can happen for all of you also



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