Redemption In The Library

A Movie Review By Jeremy Crawford 

Can a library turn your life around? According to Party Girl it can. Mary (Parker Posey), a stereotypical Gen-X slacker who is having quiet a few problems (not the least is getting arrested after hosting an illegal party), calls the only responsible person she knows—her godmother/librarian Judy- to bail her out. As a condition of providing bail, Mary must work at Judy’s library as a clerk. At the same time, Mary meets Mustafa, a Lebanese falafel vendor who happened to be a teacher in his old country. Through her pursuit of Mustafa and her desire to clean up her act, Mary is able to find redemption in the library.  Of course she may not—you’ll just have to watch to find out how it ends.

I am a big fan of Independent movies, and have always enjoyed Parker Posey as an actress. A young Liev Schrieber (Cotton Weary in the Scream movies) has a role in the film also. Some of the supporting actors are a little over the top, but the story is good and the main actors shine. There are a few subplots that actually add to the movie rather than detract from it. Just a quick point, though; the movie is rated R and does contain drug use, violence, and nudity, so might not be appropriate for kids.



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