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What Do Special Librarians Do, Anyways?

by Ellie Jones

On Tuesday, May 27th at 5pm, UB Special Libraries Association will be holding a panel discussion with five librarians from different types of libraries all around the Buffalo area to answer that very question.

Our panelists include:

Gayle Ablove, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Timothy Binga, Center for Inquiry
Karen Reczek, Bureau Veritas
Joan Taulbee, Hodgson & Russ law firm
Cynthia Van Ness, Buffalo & Erie Country Historical Society

Each of our librarians will talk about what a “typical” day is like for a special librarian, how they became special librarians, and what counts as a special library. The breadth of the librarians we have involved in this event is incredible: corporate, law, medical, and archives. If you are particularly interested in one of these fields, this is definitely an event for you. If you are mildly curious about special libraries, this is also the perfect event for you. Food, fun, and information, all in one place!

Please join us on the 27th to hear these librarians tell their stories and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions, please contact UB SLA at
“Everything but the Kitchen Sink: A Panel Discussion with Special Librarians”
Tuesday, May 27th
Food and Drink will be served

To get to Clemens from Baldy (2nd floor route)
Take the walkway through Lockwood library, go past the library and across the bridge into Clemens.
The walkway will end in a corridor where you can take an elevator down to the first floor.
Or, if you prefer, turning either right or left will take you to a stairwell at the end of the hallway.
Follow the signs to Room 120.


Question Time!

Which class do you feel has been the most helpful to you in the program?


Which class are you most looking forward to taking?