UB ALA Preps for a Busy Semester

by Sarah Kelly

UB ALA has many projects in the works as part of its focus on professional development.

First of all, we are currently working on updating our website, so head on over to ubstudentala.wordpress.com for the latest information about what’s going on. Secondly, we are reevaluating the fireside chats to increase attendance. Instead of asking other librarians how they do their job, we plan to have them present on current issues in librarianship.

We are working with LIS GSA to improve the student lounge. ALA will be placing a bookshelf in the lounge for our “Give a book, Take a book” program. Students can drop off books they do not want and other students may pick them up to read. We know that during the school year it is hard to get a book back to the library within the three week time frame. This way, you don’t have to buy any pleasure books, and you can take your time and enjoy it!

This holiday season we are planning to donate book baskets to local shelters. As library students, we know that there are those who still need books to read in addition to the traditional clothing and food drives. There will be collection boxes around the campus so that graduate and undergraduate students can help those who need it this holiday season.

As for upcoming events, we will be holding our bake sale on October 15th. Kristin Piatko (kpiatko@yahoo.com) is heading our bake sale. You can bring baked goods to our next meeting or drop it off the day of sale. We will also need people to sign up for times to staff the table. You may do this at the next meeting. The often exciting Wine and Cheese Soirée will be October 24 at 8pm. RSVP to Kelly Kroese at kellykroese@gmail.com for the location. Please bring a snack or something to drink

The next meeting will be October 13 at 4:30. Check the listserv and blog for the location.


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