Yes, You Too are a Part of LIS GSA!

When you join the department of library and information science (LIS), you automatically become a member of the LIS Graduate Student Association, affectionately referred to as LIS-GSA.

LIS GSA provides several services to students. First, we provide financial assistance to attend professional conferences.

To receive funding, all you have to do is ask! Between LIS-GSA and the university wide GSA, you are eligible up to $250 to attend a library related conference. And there is more available if you are presenting.

LIS GSA also organizes social events. Traditionally, we hold happy hours at Jack’s Place. This year, we are planning events like euchre nights, a BBQ, and a haunted hayride excursion.
LIS GSA also serves on the DLIS council, a committee made up of faculty, staff and students which handle departmental matters. We also maintain a mentoring program where we pair newer students with an older student who acts as a guide to the program.
Finally, LIS GSA operates the student lounge in Baldy 16. Information about hours will be released to the listserv shortly.

Currently, we are seeking student representatives and senators. If you are interested in becoming involved, or just want to see how we do things, come to our next open meeting, October 6.


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