Game Night to be a Big Hit for LIS GSA

By Ellie Jones

LIS-GSA will be co-sponsoring the upcoming George Bobinski lecture on November 10th. The lecture will be held at Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society and will feature Michele Cloonan’s work on Iraqi libraries.

Prior to the Bobinski lecture will be another lecture. On the same day, but different time and place. In Baldy 553, Dr. Sidney Berger will be giving a lecture on being a rare books librarian in a digital information world. This lecture is also free and open to students.

On a more social note, LIS GSA wants to kick it old school. As in, elementary school. That’s right, we are holding our ever successful Game Night! (Historians, ignore the fact that it is our first Game Night) At a location yet to be determined, LIS GSA will host a lovely evening of fun games. We might even purchase pizza and pop. Euchre, Monopoly, Risk—bring your own game for a relaxing night…of humiliation and defeat.

In more humanitarian news, LIS GSA is sponsoring a canned drive for City Mission. A box for dropping off items to be collected at a later date is located in the Student Lounge.

   And for you Rochester folks, a Rochester Happy Hour is being planned for November.


In all cases, keep an eye on the list serv for more information! 

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