Question de Semaine

That French is bad. Someone should fix it.

Here’s your question:

What do you think should be posted on the list serv? Should the recent political conversations be allowed? Why or why not?

Should there be guidelines for the list serv?

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4 thoughts on “Question de Semaine

  1. Karin Gaffney Christensen says:

    I’d prefer listserv messages stay away from political opinions unless folks can play nice. I don’t mind debating how one candidate might impact the Patriot Act or how another might cut funding for libraries, education, etc. But the threads in the past week or so were not polite and very emotional and didn’t further the conversation.

    Just my two cents.

  2. Alyce Thorp says:

    Question de la semaine 🙂

    And I really agree with Karin. I would like to see a meaningful discussion on how politics will effect the library world and our future careers, not petty name calling and political party bashing.

  3. Bridget O'Donnell says:

    I agree with the previous posts. I would like those who write so freely on the list serv to avoid bullying everyone into agreeing with their point of view; objective discussions regarding the political impact on aspects relevant to libraries and our future careers that PROVIDE BOTH SIDES OF THE ARGUMENT would be beneficial and greatly appreciated.

    Please try to remember that ‘opinions are like a$ses, everyone has one’.

  4. Lina Terjesen says:

    As librarians we should be proponents of freedom of speech, and I don’t think we should have to “censor” what goes through the listserv because we’re also all adults, but maybe we do. Maybe people can’t be mature or professional enough to not put in their “two cents” or talk about it PRIVATELY if they don’t agree with someone. Maybe that’s the answer – if you have a problem with something someone posted on the listserv, you are not allowed to hit “reply to all.” Rather, the argument should be taken up with either a moderator or the person who posted it. Bottom line, we’re all colleagues and we should respect each other as such.

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