Welcome back!

Welcome back to returning students and a hearty welcome to the program for new students!

UB DLIS ISBN (Interesting student blog and news) is a newsletter compiled once a month by the student groups within the department. Each month, a member from ALA, LIS GSA, SLA, SLAWNY, and RASL (dizzy yet?) contributes an article to the newsletter about what his or her club has done and is planning for the next month. A one stop shop, if you will, for where to get your club activities information.

We also accept articles about daily student life–scary basements in Lockwood or strange reading in the lounge–and reviews about films with librarians in them. Please see Submission Guidelines for more information if you would like to submit an article to the ISBN.

You can also read our past issues here in PDF form.

A helpful one to look at it would be the September/October 2008 issue. Faculty members wrote profiles about themselves and their work, which we published to serve as an introduction for students, especially those who are practicum or adviser hunting.

Please email us at ubdlisisbn@gmail.com with any questions or submissions. Or you can comment right here!


One thought on “Welcome back!

  1. Debbie says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Mind Blowing!

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