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ALA Prepares for Busy Semester

By Janee Dabney

UB-ALA kicked off the spring semester with a sweet event. On February 11th our student group held a Bake Sale in the Baldy Common area. Sara Sinden, an LIS student, graciously delved out the delicious treats prepared by UB-ALA members as well as LIS students.

The popular Get Shelved t-shirts are still available for $10 each, and a new design contest is now underway. UB-ALA has decided to sell tote bags and would like a creative new design to adorn them. Design submissions can be e-mailed to The contest will be publicized through out the next few weeks.

UB-ALA will once again host a Wine and Cheese Soiree on Friday, February 27th. Space is limited so visit our blog for more details and information. The event promotes professional development as topics in librarianship are discussed. This semester our group would also like to hold another Professional Development event on campus for LIS students. Advocacy, networking, and re-location have been discussed as topics for the event. You can send your suggestions to us at or post to our blog at

UB-ALA has created a team for Relay for Life, March 21-22 at the Alumni Arena. The event will be from 4pm-6am. Our team is the Librarians for Life and we are looking for team captains. The team can be no larger than 15 people and the cost to participate is $10, so come join us for some relay fun, future librarian style.
While the website is redesigned, the UB-ALA blog will now serve as the web site for our student group. Other events and activities for this semester can be found on the blog. Feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns.

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November Accreditation Update

by Dr. Lorna Peterson

The draft for the Program Presentation, self-study, is due to the American Library Association in Chicago and to our review chair in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on Wednesday, November 26, 2008. DLIS faculty and staff members, along with practitioner colleagues, have worked hard at writing the reports and draft chapters are almost completed. We will make the deadline for the draft report. We will receive feedback on the report with the final due to Chicago and to all reviewers February 12, 2009.
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ALA Revives “Get Shelved” Shirts

by Sarah Kelly

As our semester draws to an end, we’d like to announce that UB ALA is also the local NYLA student chapter. The new officers will determine how this will impact the organization. Speaking of new officers, ALA now has a new board. Jessica Stokes will serve as President; Anna Gossin as Vice President; Janee Dabney as Secretary; and Elaine Dean as Treasurer. We wish them the best of luck in taking over the club, and we are eager to see what they plan to do.

ALA would also like to announce that we have a new shipment of ‘Get Shelved’ tee shirts. They are on sale for $10 and you can email us at to get yours. We would also like to thank everybody who attended our professional development programs. We hope you enjoyed them!

The UB ALA website is still listed as under construction, but when the grand unveiling occurs, it will knock your socks off.

Please remember that our holiday book drive is still going on, so as you clean off your bookshelves, please toss those books in the donation boxes in the computer lab and lounge. Good luck on your final projects and tests. Have a good break and we look forward to seeing you again in the spring!

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UB ALA Launches Humanitarian Initiative

By Sarah Kelly

The semester is in full swing, and so are the activities in UB ALA. Our bake sale was a hit, and those who attended the Wine Soiree had a great time. The UB ALA website is still listed as under construction, so continue to check out our Word Press blog at Also, remember the Bobinksi lecture, Life, Liberty, and Libraries in Iraq, will be held at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society on November 10th.  There will be a reception at 6:00 with the lecture to follow from 7:30 – 8:30.

This holiday season please remember that we are doing a book drive for those who need something to read. Most of us can go to the bookstore or the library when we want something to read, but there are those who can’t and UB ALA is seeking to help them. As you’re cleaning out and getting rid of old textbooks and novels, make a decision to drop them off in the various book donation boxes that you’ll see around the department. Also, when you go home for the holidays, ask your family and friends if they have anything they would like to donate. The more that we can gather, the more enjoyable someone’s holiday will be.

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ALA Accreditation Update

By Lorna Peterson, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Accreditation Coordinator

The University at Buffalo Department of Library and Information Studies is accredited by the American Library Association (ALA). It is on Conditional Status, a status awarded during its last review in spring 2006. From the ALA web site, conditional connotes: “a status assigned to a program that must make changes to comply with the 1992 Standards for Accreditation of Master’s Programs in Library and Information Studies to enable accreditation beyond the date specified by the Committee on Accreditation (COA). Please note that these programs are fully accredited under the Standards.”

UB’s program did not sufficiently and systematically involve constituents of the program in its planning process since its 1998 review. Curriculum, students, and faculty were not areas of concerns although planning, space, physical facilities, and financial support were. The COA “is concerned with the totality of the accomplishment and the environment for learning. The decision regarding accreditation is approached from an evaluation of this totality rather than from a consideration of isolated particulars.”

Student role in the accreditation process…

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UB ALA Preps for a Busy Semester

by Sarah Kelly

UB ALA has many projects in the works as part of its focus on professional development.

First of all, we are currently working on updating our website, so head on over to for the latest information about what’s going on. Secondly, we are reevaluating the fireside chats to increase attendance. Instead of asking other librarians how they do their job, we plan to have them present on current issues in librarianship.

We are working with LIS GSA to improve the student lounge. ALA will be placing a bookshelf in the lounge for our “Give a book, Take a book” program. Students can drop off books they do not want and other students may pick them up to read. We know that during the school year it is hard to get a book back to the library within the three week time frame. This way, you don’t have to buy any pleasure books, and you can take your time and enjoy it!

This holiday season we are planning to donate book baskets to local shelters. As library students, we know that there are those who still need books to read in addition to the traditional clothing and food drives. There will be collection boxes around the campus so that graduate and undergraduate students can help those who need it this holiday season.

As for upcoming events, we will be holding our bake sale on October 15th. Kristin Piatko ( is heading our bake sale. You can bring baked goods to our next meeting or drop it off the day of sale. We will also need people to sign up for times to staff the table. You may do this at the next meeting. The often exciting Wine and Cheese Soirée will be October 24 at 8pm. RSVP to Kelly Kroese at for the location. Please bring a snack or something to drink

The next meeting will be October 13 at 4:30. Check the listserv and blog for the location.


UB-ALA Reports Successes, Proposes Goals

By Kelly Kroese

What a great semester for UB-ALA! First of all, t-shirt sales have been brisk and over half of them are already sold. If you want a t-shirt, please be sure to let us know ASAP. Second, if you missed our wine and cheese soiree, it was a really great time for everyone, with interesting discussion and debate. Many thanks to everyone for bringing something to share. We hope that you can make it to the next one.

The Books Behind Bars book-raiser was a total success. We collected almost 200 books for the Chautauqua County Jail. It was 82 degrees that day and sunny, so Cozumel was filled beyond capacity. Our handmade smiley bookmarks were surprisingly popular.

Table at Books Behind Bars

Other accomplishments include ratification of our new constitution, great workshops, and a successful bake sale. We look forward to working with new officers Blodine Francois (Vice President) & Sarah Kelly (Secretary).

This June, our Student-to-Staff representative at the ALA Conference in Anaheim, CA will be working for the Governance Office.

Next semester we plan on getting the Give-a-Book, Take-a-Book Shelf put up and stocked somewhere on this campus. We also want to re-work the website, get creative with our workshops, and more.

Everyone, enjoy your summer! Watch for notices about euchre tourneys, pool parties, and who knows what else. To those of you moving on to greener pastures, be sure to keep them well-watered or else they will turn brown…

T-Shirts Are In!

Attention Attention:

The new UB ala t-shirt is finished and available for purchase. Please email to order one. They come in sizes S-2XL. They are only $10, so cheap!

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UB ALA Throws Book-raiser, Unveils New Shirt

The UB ALA has many things happening in the upcoming month. First off, we’d like to thank Britt White, Karen Morse and Jessica Tanny for presenting as part of our speaker series. They were informative and interesting, and we’re glad they could share their experience and knowledge with our students. Second, our bake sale was a big success. Thanks to all to baked, including those people who don’t get to make it to meetings. It’s nice to know you’re still thinking about us! Now, for the events of April: Saturday, April 5th we’re having a wine & cheese soirée to give students an opportunity to discuss issues pertinent to library and information science. Everyone who comes must bring one discussion topic to submit to the group. We’ll pick topics out of a hat, and hear what people have to say. Hopefully it will be a nice social event where we can all gain more perspective on the issues. To RSVP contact us at: Our second big event, Books Behind Bars, is going to be held Friday, April 18th. We will be collecting book donations to help build a new library in the Cattaraugus County Jail. Donations must be new or gently-used paperback books and brought to us the 18th at Cozumel Grill, 153 Elmwood between North and Allen. Everyone who brings a book gets a free drink (limit one per person). More details on the website and look out for posters.

We also have a new t-shirt design! Look for it on the website, and to be printed up hopefully by the end of the semester. If not, we’ll have them for next year and on the website.


~ Kelly Kroese

ALA Midwinter Conference: A Student’s Perspective


11pm: arrive in Philly; drive in circles until find hotel


8:30am: walk to conference center and collect badge holder

8:50am: wait with the crowd for the exhibit hall to open

9:20am: search for a stronger bag to hold all the free books

11:00am: drop first load of goods back at the hotel; lunch at the Reading Terminal Market

1:30pm: Best Books for Young Adults session

1:32pm: realize this is more of a business meeting; sneak out

2:00pm: back to the exhibit hall

3:30pm: free shuttle to the Doubletree for Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers

4:00pm: pick up valuable handouts and browse committee selections

6:00pm: back at hotel; quick rest before dinner

9:00pm: wandering around Philly (great city for walking)

10:00pm: National Mechanics Bar; Dance Dance Library Revolution; Dewey Decimator anyone?


9:00am: our only “real” breakfast of the weekend

10:00am: Liberty Bell and Independence Hall

1:00pm: Best Graphic Novels; received a tip from a veteran about the teen session

2:00pm: Best Books for Young Adults – Teen Session; best part of the conference

6:00pm: reception in the president’s suite on the 21st floor

7:30pm: sneak preview of Spiderwick Chronicles (nicely done)


7:45am: doors open to Youth Media Awards Press Conference

8:30am: add titles of winners to reading list

9:00am: one last trip through the exhibit hall

10:30am: on our way back to NY


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