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LIS GSA Open Forum

LIS GSA, as part of their mandate to act as advocates for the student body, held an open forum where students could express their ideas about the accreditation process, curriculum and anything else on their minds. The meeting was moderated by a SILS alum, Karen Reczek.
The forum was productive and LIS GSA would like to thank all students who participated in the forum and emailed us with questions and suggestions.
The next step will be to take these ideas and create a document. The document will be presented to the faculty to which we are asking for a written response. We have included our goals and outcomes for your perusal. We will keep you updated.

LIS GSA Open Forum Goals
LIS GSA seeks to create a safe space in which students can express their ideas about: the Department’s continued growth, the involvement with the Graduate School of Education, and the American Library Association Accreditation process.  LIS GSA will create this space to ensure that students’ opinions, ideas, and concerns are heard and formerly recorded.

Expected Outcomes
LIS GSA will create a working document from these discussions.  This document will contain student opinions as well as constructive ideas of how to create and implement these programs and suggestions.  LIS GSA wil submit this document to LIS Council and request a written reply which should include identified next steps such as any recommended actions or other response needed.

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LIS GSA Chock Full O’ Events!

By Lina Terjesen

LIS GSA began the semester with a Happy Hour at Jack’s Place on February 12th. This semester, the group has many more events planned for your enjoyment. Among them is ice skating at the Rotary Rink in downtown Buffalo on February 28, a lounge event as soon as the student lounge is open, a Rochester Happy Hour (or 2), bowling night, and a year-end celebration. Stay tuned to the listserv and the Events Calendar for specific times and dates of these events.
LIS GSA held an open forum for students to share their thoughts about the department, faculty, accreditation and anything else LIS-related that may be on your mind. Karen Reczek, a SILS alum, moderated and will aid LIS GSA in creating a document to repsent to the faculty. The document and faculty response will be posted to the list serv.
As a gentle reminder, LIS GSA has a policy in place that states that conference funding requests are submitted by the 15th of the month prior to the conference.

All are invited to the next open LIS GSA meeting on Thursday, March 5th at 5:15pm. Location is TBA.

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LIS GSA Ends Year With Happy Hour

by Ellie Jones

LIS GSA will end the fall semester with another Happy Hour at Jack’s Place
on Thursday, December 4th starting at 9pm. So, the night before your last class (and possibly a final) come down to Jack’s for food anddrinks courtesy of LIS GSA.

LIS GSA will also be hosting an orientation like event in January 2009. Suggestions for the event include karaoke and ice skating.

The mentorship program will be in full swing next semester as well. LIS GSA
is working with local, professional organizations to enhance and to broaden the program. Watch the listserv for information on how to become a mentee or mentor.

LIS GSA will also be working on a program that will allow students to come to-
gether, to express concerns and questions about the accreditation process and the DLIS program as well as offer ideas and suggestions for the program. This will be a chance for students to explain their interests and perhaps suggest course ideas and routes to follow.

And finally, LIS GSA would like to congratulate all of the December graduates on their achievements and on earning their MLS.  LIS GSA wishes all December graduates a hearty congratulations and good luck in all their endeavors!

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Game Night to be a Big Hit for LIS GSA

By Ellie Jones

LIS-GSA will be co-sponsoring the upcoming George Bobinski lecture on November 10th. The lecture will be held at Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society and will feature Michele Cloonan’s work on Iraqi libraries.

Prior to the Bobinski lecture will be another lecture. On the same day, but different time and place. In Baldy 553, Dr. Sidney Berger will be giving a lecture on being a rare books librarian in a digital information world. This lecture is also free and open to students.

On a more social note, LIS GSA wants to kick it old school. As in, elementary school. That’s right, we are holding our ever successful Game Night! (Historians, ignore the fact that it is our first Game Night) At a location yet to be determined, LIS GSA will host a lovely evening of fun games. We might even purchase pizza and pop. Euchre, Monopoly, Risk—bring your own game for a relaxing night…of humiliation and defeat.

In more humanitarian news, LIS GSA is sponsoring a canned drive for City Mission. A box for dropping off items to be collected at a later date is located in the Student Lounge.

   And for you Rochester folks, a Rochester Happy Hour is being planned for November.


In all cases, keep an eye on the list serv for more information! 

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Question of the Week

What would you like to see in your new Student Lounge?

(If you haven’t yet, stop by the Lounge in Baldy 16!)

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Yes, You Too are a Part of LIS GSA!

When you join the department of library and information science (LIS), you automatically become a member of the LIS Graduate Student Association, affectionately referred to as LIS-GSA.

LIS GSA provides several services to students. First, we provide financial assistance to attend professional conferences.

To receive funding, all you have to do is ask! Between LIS-GSA and the university wide GSA, you are eligible up to $250 to attend a library related conference. And there is more available if you are presenting.

LIS GSA also organizes social events. Traditionally, we hold happy hours at Jack’s Place. This year, we are planning events like euchre nights, a BBQ, and a haunted hayride excursion.
LIS GSA also serves on the DLIS council, a committee made up of faculty, staff and students which handle departmental matters. We also maintain a mentoring program where we pair newer students with an older student who acts as a guide to the program.
Finally, LIS GSA operates the student lounge in Baldy 16. Information about hours will be released to the listserv shortly.

Currently, we are seeking student representatives and senators. If you are interested in becoming involved, or just want to see how we do things, come to our next open meeting, October 6.


LIS GSA Celebrates The End (Of The Semester)

By Kim Hanford

For the enjoyment of all DLIS constituents (students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and family) LIS GSA is planning two events for the end of this semester. The first event is a Happy Hour at Jack’s Place on Friday, April 25th. The fun starts at 8 pm! Second is a Picnic on Saturday, April 26th at the Flickinger Court Community Building. Stop by anytime from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm for a free lunch, games, and a chance to win door prizes!

Since this semester is quickly drawing to an end, LIS GSA has already started planning for this summer. To welcome new students who will join DLIS this summer, LIS GSA will host a Happy Hour on Thursday, May 15th at Jack’s Place. New students, please head over after orientation. Everyone else, meet us there at 6 pm.

To prepare for next fall, DLIS has elected new LIS GSA officers. Congratulations to President Nathan Tallman, Vice-President Ellie Jones, and Senator Chris Hayes. Elections for Secretary, Treasurer, and another Senator will be held next fall.

LIS GSA wishes to thank all those who made this past year a success!

Next LIS GSA Happy Hour

LIS GSA is hosting its next happy hour on Wednesday, April 9th.  Meet us at Jack’s Place at 9pm for free food and beverages!

LIS GSA Instates New Policy

LIS GSA has decided to institute a deadline for conference funding requests. If you would like to receive conference funding from LIS GSA (up to $100 per year) please e-mail us at with your request. This e-mail must be sent on or before the 15th of the month prior to the conference you are attending. We have established this deadline to ensure that students who are requesting money to go to a conference will get that money. This date coincides with the deadline of UB’s GSA. They also have a policy of handing in conference funding request forms by the 15th of the month before the conference takes place.

Join LIS GSA for our next open meeting on Tuesday, April 1st at 5:30pm in Baldy 553.

~ Kim Hanford

LIS GSA Reaches Out to New Students

If you are a graduate student in UB’s Department of Library and Information Studies, then you are a member of the Library and Information Studies Graduate Student Association, better known as LIS GSA.

LIS GSA serves DLIS students in many ways.

First, LIS GSA supports students academically by providing financial assistance to attend professional conferences. All you have to do is ask for conference funding and the money is yours! Yes, there are a few forms to fill out but there is no such thing as a free conference.  (Unless your conference costs are under $250.)  Between LIS GSA and the university-wide GSA, you are eligible for up to $250 to attend a library-related conference.  There is more money available if you are presenting at a conference!

Second, LIS GSA sponsors social events for DLIS students. LIS GSA kicked off the spring semester by hosting one of our famous happy hours at Jack’s Place.  Students enjoyed refreshments as well as good company.  The next happy hour will be held on Friday, February 22nd at 7:30pm at the Distillery in Henrietta for those students in the program who live in Rochester.

LIS GSA student representatives also serve on the DLIS Council, a committee made up of faculty, staff, and students, which handles departmental matters.  Currently the DLIS Council is planning to host a speaker in the Fall of 2008 and is soliciting ideas from students for a speaker who would appeal to a wide audience.

This spring, LIS GSA has revived a mentoring program.  Students who are new to the department and requested a mentor were paired with a student further along in the program who shares their academic interests.

~~Kim Hanford

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