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Welcome back to returning students and a hearty welcome to the program for new students!

UB DLIS ISBN (Interesting student blog and news) is a newsletter compiled once a month by the student groups within the department. Each month, a member from ALA, LIS GSA, SLA, SLAWNY, and RASL (dizzy yet?) contributes an article to the newsletter about what his or her club has done and is planning for the next month. A one stop shop, if you will, for where to get your club activities information.

We also accept articles about daily student life–scary basements in Lockwood or strange reading in the lounge–and reviews about films with librarians in them. Please see Submission Guidelines for more information if you would like to submit an article to the ISBN.

You can also read our past issues here in PDF form.

A helpful one to look at it would be the September/October 2008 issue. Faculty members wrote profiles about themselves and their work, which we published to serve as an introduction for students, especially those who are practicum or adviser hunting.

Please email us at ubdlisisbn@gmail.com with any questions or submissions. Or you can comment right here!


November Accreditation Update

by Dr. Lorna Peterson

The draft for the Program Presentation, self-study, is due to the American Library Association in Chicago and to our review chair in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on Wednesday, November 26, 2008. DLIS faculty and staff members, along with practitioner colleagues, have worked hard at writing the reports and draft chapters are almost completed. We will make the deadline for the draft report. We will receive feedback on the report with the final due to Chicago and to all reviewers February 12, 2009.
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Journey to the Center of the Lockwood Basement

by Anna Gossin

It was a not so dark and stormy Saturday morning when I wandered back into Lockwood Library. I had an assignment to complete for LIS505, and needed a book. Yes, I suppose that’s a given on certain days. This book was about library science. Again, that seems obvious when you think about it. I needed a book on intellectual freedom and I needed it then. I don’t need it as much now, but at the time, my entire GPA depended on it. This meant journeying into a previously undiscovered territory: the infamous Lockwood Basement.

Whoever decided that library science books deserved the letter Z obviously has never been to Lockwood Library. Z gets the distinction of being the last letter of the alphabet and the last section of the library. This means that all of our books are in the basement, next to the juvenile section and some random textbooks. If someone desperately needs a library bound copy of the latest Harry Potter, they now know where to look. No one should ever go into the basement alone, and certainly not on a Saturday morning.

I’ll get right to the point: That basement is creepy. Things squeak even when the floor is deserted. The cages of old books just scream out “Enter At Your Own Risk” even without a sign. I know these are stacks, the stenciled sign doesn’t need to tell me that. What’s going to happen when I want some obscure dissertation from 1987? Am I going to get sucked into the pages, never to be seen again? Here’s how to keep this from happening. Never go to the basement alone on a weekend. Simple, right? I should hope so. After all, it was our stellar common sense skills that got us into library school in the first place, right? Maybe. Get back to me on that one, but not from inside the cages.

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ALA Revives “Get Shelved” Shirts

by Sarah Kelly

As our semester draws to an end, we’d like to announce that UB ALA is also the local NYLA student chapter. The new officers will determine how this will impact the organization. Speaking of new officers, ALA now has a new board. Jessica Stokes will serve as President; Anna Gossin as Vice President; Janee Dabney as Secretary; and Elaine Dean as Treasurer. We wish them the best of luck in taking over the club, and we are eager to see what they plan to do.

ALA would also like to announce that we have a new shipment of ‘Get Shelved’ tee shirts. They are on sale for $10 and you can email us at ubstudentala@gmail.com to get yours. We would also like to thank everybody who attended our professional development programs. We hope you enjoyed them!

The UB ALA website is still listed as under construction, but when the grand unveiling occurs, it will knock your socks off.

Please remember that our holiday book drive is still going on, so as you clean off your bookshelves, please toss those books in the donation boxes in the computer lab and lounge. Good luck on your final projects and tests. Have a good break and we look forward to seeing you again in the spring!

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SLAB Holds Elections and Plans End of Year Fundraiser

by Marisa Dabney

UB SLA has officially changed its name to SLAB (Special Libraries Association at Buffalo). This month SLAB held elections for next semester’s president and vice president. Nick Brodnicki will be the new president and Patricia Powers will be the new vice president.

Current SLAB President Ellie Jones spoke with Dr. Judith Robinson and other faculty regarding what courses students concentrating in special libraries should take. The following courses were recommended: Digital Information Retrieval; Collection Development; and Archives. Dr. Robinson also suggested getting involved in a corporate library practicum or special project.

If you still have not joined SLA, it is not too late. Students can join for a special $35 membership fee. Applications are available online at http://www.sla.org

SLAB would like to join its fellow student organizations in wishing all fall graduates good luck in their future careers. And to everyone else (including graduates!), have a happy, healthy and safe winter break.

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LIS GSA Ends Year With Happy Hour

by Ellie Jones

LIS GSA will end the fall semester with another Happy Hour at Jack’s Place
on Thursday, December 4th starting at 9pm. So, the night before your last class (and possibly a final) come down to Jack’s for food anddrinks courtesy of LIS GSA.

LIS GSA will also be hosting an orientation like event in January 2009. Suggestions for the event include karaoke and ice skating.

The mentorship program will be in full swing next semester as well. LIS GSA
is working with local, professional organizations to enhance and to broaden the program. Watch the listserv for information on how to become a mentee or mentor.

LIS GSA will also be working on a program that will allow students to come to-
gether, to express concerns and questions about the accreditation process and the DLIS program as well as offer ideas and suggestions for the program. This will be a chance for students to explain their interests and perhaps suggest course ideas and routes to follow.

And finally, LIS GSA would like to congratulate all of the December graduates on their achievements and on earning their MLS.  LIS GSA wishes all December graduates a hearty congratulations and good luck in all their endeavors!

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Pregunta De Semana

How much do you use the list-serv? Do you get it in regular or digest form?


Tell us your feelings (or thoughts) about it.

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Question Time!!

Time for some fun.

Finals are coming up and stress is in the air.

What are some things you like to do to relieve the stress during finals time?

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Question de Semaine

That French is bad. Someone should fix it.

Here’s your question:

What do you think should be posted on the list serv? Should the recent political conversations be allowed? Why or why not?

Should there be guidelines for the list serv?

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Editor Correction

Anna Gossin’s name was misspelled as Anna Grossin on both the blog and the PDF newsletter (see “Weed Me, Seymour”). The newsletter stored here has been fixed as has the blog entry. The editor apologizes for this mistake.

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