Submission Guidelines

The LIS Info Press is open to submissions from students, faculty, and alumni associated with the University at Buffalo’s Department of Information and Library Science.

Any content you submit to the LIS Info Press, including stories, message board postings, photos, videos, music and any other content and materials is subject to these submission guidelines. By submitting items to the LIS Info Press, you agree to follow these guidelines.

All submitted items become the property of the LIS Info Press. The LIS Info Press staff reserves the right to modify, edit, republish, refuse, or remove any submitted content.  The LIS Info Press reserves the right to choose to post or not post submitted content.

By submitting to the LIS Info Press, you agree that the LIS Info Press may edit, publish, transmit, display and otherwise exploit your content in any manner and in any media whatsoever.

Submit items to

All written items will be submitted as a MS Word document, saved in either .doc or .rtf format. The item should be written into the document as one would write a paper; do not subdivide into columns. Attach any desired images in a separate file; do not embed video or other media into the document. Include desired title and byline in the document. Do not use special characters.

If you are submitting information related to an event, include contact information.


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