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Weed Me, Seymour

by Anna Gossin

The second I walked into the new lounge, I could smell it. All the books on the shelf hadn’t been looked at in years, but were too entertaining to pass up. How was it that a lounge for library science students was full of outdated information?

After wondering why we were lucky enough to receive this haul, I figured that there had to be a bright spot. Luckily, it was being able to read books aloud. Yes, there is a difference between this and reading silently. It’s all about delivery. No one’s going to appreciate a drab voice droning on and on about projections for 1980 and beyond (which, according to the lounge collection, are unclear).

If you’re going to read from the UB Alumni Directory of 1992, you better use an official voice. Otherwise, no one’s going to believe it when you read contact information for your father where’s list at a job (that he quit in 1993) and an address (that we left in 1996) that are unintentionally hilarious. By the way, that book ended up being a huge hit at our house.

So what are we to do with a collection that was weeded and repurposed? I think I’d rather do work with a book that tells me that 1980 and beyond are clear and have already happened.

But I would rather perform a reading from our haul. What’s the good of a giant pile of books if we can’t get something useful out of them? Yes, weeding is necessary for collection development, the good of the library, blah blah bookcakes. It’s also great for a makeshift DLIS acting class. My solution is a new series: Lounge Dramatic Monologue Series, to be held whenever there’s a crowd in the lounge. Walk-ins welcome.

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Question of the Week

What would you like to see in your new Student Lounge?

(If you haven’t yet, stop by the Lounge in Baldy 16!)

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