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SLAWNY Works With Student to Build Network

by Kelly Kroese

We are very excited to announce the creation of the UB SLMS Student Network! The SSN functions primarily to connect SLMS students with their peers so that we have a place to go with our 524 concerns or 568 questions, as well as anything else!

We also hope to continue reaching out to the other departments in the GSE, and are pleased to be working with the Simmons-Elliott Educational Center on their SDAR outreach program.

Please sign up online at ubssnet.ning.com!

UB SSN is also your connection to SLAWNY, our local chapter of NYLA-SLMS. We are looking forward to working with SLAWNY to establish the first professional-student mentorship program! SLAWNY volunteer members have agreed to mentor students as part of our student SLAWNY membership. You must be a member of SLAWNY to get a mentor, and they will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, so sign up today!

SLAWNY will be hosting their annual professional development workshop on March 21st. This year’s special guest is Stephen Krashen, linguistics expert and author of numerous books. He will talk about how to get students reading. The cost for the event is $20. More information is available at http://www.slawny.bfn.org.

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LIS GSA Ends Year With Happy Hour

by Ellie Jones

LIS GSA will end the fall semester with another Happy Hour at Jack’s Place
on Thursday, December 4th starting at 9pm. So, the night before your last class (and possibly a final) come down to Jack’s for food anddrinks courtesy of LIS GSA.

LIS GSA will also be hosting an orientation like event in January 2009. Suggestions for the event include karaoke and ice skating.

The mentorship program will be in full swing next semester as well. LIS GSA
is working with local, professional organizations to enhance and to broaden the program. Watch the listserv for information on how to become a mentee or mentor.

LIS GSA will also be working on a program that will allow students to come to-
gether, to express concerns and questions about the accreditation process and the DLIS program as well as offer ideas and suggestions for the program. This will be a chance for students to explain their interests and perhaps suggest course ideas and routes to follow.

And finally, LIS GSA would like to congratulate all of the December graduates on their achievements and on earning their MLS.  LIS GSA wishes all December graduates a hearty congratulations and good luck in all their endeavors!

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LIS GSA Reaches Out to New Students

If you are a graduate student in UB’s Department of Library and Information Studies, then you are a member of the Library and Information Studies Graduate Student Association, better known as LIS GSA.

LIS GSA serves DLIS students in many ways.

First, LIS GSA supports students academically by providing financial assistance to attend professional conferences. All you have to do is ask for conference funding and the money is yours! Yes, there are a few forms to fill out but there is no such thing as a free conference.  (Unless your conference costs are under $250.)  Between LIS GSA and the university-wide GSA, you are eligible for up to $250 to attend a library-related conference.  There is more money available if you are presenting at a conference!

Second, LIS GSA sponsors social events for DLIS students. LIS GSA kicked off the spring semester by hosting one of our famous happy hours at Jack’s Place.  Students enjoyed refreshments as well as good company.  The next happy hour will be held on Friday, February 22nd at 7:30pm at the Distillery in Henrietta for those students in the program who live in Rochester.

LIS GSA student representatives also serve on the DLIS Council, a committee made up of faculty, staff, and students, which handles departmental matters.  Currently the DLIS Council is planning to host a speaker in the Fall of 2008 and is soliciting ideas from students for a speaker who would appeal to a wide audience.

This spring, LIS GSA has revived a mentoring program.  Students who are new to the department and requested a mentor were paired with a student further along in the program who shares their academic interests.

~~Kim Hanford

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