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LIS GSA Open Forum

LIS GSA, as part of their mandate to act as advocates for the student body, held an open forum where students could express their ideas about the accreditation process, curriculum and anything else on their minds. The meeting was moderated by a SILS alum, Karen Reczek.
The forum was productive and LIS GSA would like to thank all students who participated in the forum and emailed us with questions and suggestions.
The next step will be to take these ideas and create a document. The document will be presented to the faculty to which we are asking for a written response. We have included our goals and outcomes for your perusal. We will keep you updated.

LIS GSA Open Forum Goals
LIS GSA seeks to create a safe space in which students can express their ideas about: the Department’s continued growth, the involvement with the Graduate School of Education, and the American Library Association Accreditation process.  LIS GSA will create this space to ensure that students’ opinions, ideas, and concerns are heard and formerly recorded.

Expected Outcomes
LIS GSA will create a working document from these discussions.  This document will contain student opinions as well as constructive ideas of how to create and implement these programs and suggestions.  LIS GSA wil submit this document to LIS Council and request a written reply which should include identified next steps such as any recommended actions or other response needed.

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SLAWNY Works With Student to Build Network

by Kelly Kroese

We are very excited to announce the creation of the UB SLMS Student Network! The SSN functions primarily to connect SLMS students with their peers so that we have a place to go with our 524 concerns or 568 questions, as well as anything else!

We also hope to continue reaching out to the other departments in the GSE, and are pleased to be working with the Simmons-Elliott Educational Center on their SDAR outreach program.

Please sign up online at ubssnet.ning.com!

UB SSN is also your connection to SLAWNY, our local chapter of NYLA-SLMS. We are looking forward to working with SLAWNY to establish the first professional-student mentorship program! SLAWNY volunteer members have agreed to mentor students as part of our student SLAWNY membership. You must be a member of SLAWNY to get a mentor, and they will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, so sign up today!

SLAWNY will be hosting their annual professional development workshop on March 21st. This year’s special guest is Stephen Krashen, linguistics expert and author of numerous books. He will talk about how to get students reading. The cost for the event is $20. More information is available at http://www.slawny.bfn.org.

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Let the Search Begin!

By Marisa Dabney

The Special Libraries Association at Buffalo (SLAB) hosted guest speaker Rachel Singer Gordon in an effort to education future librarians of alternative careers in librarianship. Rachel Singer Gordon writes articles for Library Journal and regularly publishes on evolving trends in library and information science.

Her newest book, What’s the Alternative? Career Options for Librarians and Info Pros (ITI 2008) details the exciting various careers that are open to individuals with a library science degree. Gordon is also the webmaster for job posting site, LISJobs.com and author of the blog Beyond the Job. This was Gordon’s first trip to Western New York.

If you were unable to make it to this guest speaker event do not panic, a podcast version of the event is available for University at Buffalo students. The podcast is hosted on the SLAB website at http://www.gse.buffalo.edu/org/slasg.

You can also check out Rachel Singer Gordon’s blog (http://www.beyondthejob.org/) which gives job search tips and links to various fellowship applications.

Even if you are a first year student it would behoove you to start looking into various library career possibilities now. How can you start? It is simple. Sign up for the LIS JOB listserv (http://listserv.buffalo.edu/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=lis-jobs-list&A=1). Take a look at the postings of jobs that interest you to find out what experience and qualities they are looking for in applicants. You can use your time here at UB to gain those skills and get the experience you need to get the job you want.

Also look into fellowships. Many of which are posted on the LIS website (http://www.gse.buffalo.edu/programs/lis/scholarships.asp). You can also find an extensive list of fellowships and scholarships at Rachel Singer Gordon’s blog mentioned above.

Most importantly join the various library student associations. SLAB for example is a student organization here at UB that helps put you in contact with local special librarians, arranges visits to different libraries such as news libraries, and gives you information on how to join the Special Library Association and take part in conferences at discounted rates. Participating in student groups expands your classroom based education with hands on real world guidance and experience that will make you the best candidate for any library job.
Good Luck!

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ALA Prepares for Busy Semester

By Janee Dabney

UB-ALA kicked off the spring semester with a sweet event. On February 11th our student group held a Bake Sale in the Baldy Common area. Sara Sinden, an LIS student, graciously delved out the delicious treats prepared by UB-ALA members as well as LIS students.

The popular Get Shelved t-shirts are still available for $10 each, and a new design contest is now underway. UB-ALA has decided to sell tote bags and would like a creative new design to adorn them. Design submissions can be e-mailed to ubstudentala@gmail.com. The contest will be publicized through out the next few weeks.

UB-ALA will once again host a Wine and Cheese Soiree on Friday, February 27th. Space is limited so visit our blog for more details and information. The event promotes professional development as topics in librarianship are discussed. This semester our group would also like to hold another Professional Development event on campus for LIS students. Advocacy, networking, and re-location have been discussed as topics for the event. You can send your suggestions to us at ubstudentala@gmail.com or post to our blog at http://www.ubstudentala.wordpress.com.

UB-ALA has created a team for Relay for Life, March 21-22 at the Alumni Arena. The event will be from 4pm-6am. Our team is the Librarians for Life and we are looking for team captains. The team can be no larger than 15 people and the cost to participate is $10, so come join us for some relay fun, future librarian style.
While the website is redesigned, the UB-ALA blog will now serve as the web site for our student group. Other events and activities for this semester can be found on the blog. Feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns.

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UB ALA Advances Plans for Professional Development

UB ALA has hit the grounding running this semester. Group members are becoming more involved and motivated – which is great to see and even better to experience.

For those who don’t know, UB ALA is the student chapter of the American Library Association here on campus. It’s a great way to start involving yourself with the national organization with whom you will be working throughout your career. Our goal is to aid in professional development of students, before our careers even begin. This way, when we are finally working in our respective fields we can have a head start towards success. We hope to enable students in expanding their skill sets, so to be the difference between themselves and other candidates or colleagues.

Over the course of this semester, the chapter has many goals set for completion, some of which include: holding talks and lectures relevant to promoting our professional goals; designing and printing a new chapter t-shirt; organizing a student trip to the NYLA/SLMS conference in May; helping facilitate the creation of a student newsletter (if you’re reading this – success!); updating the chapter bylaws; charity events and more.

They are still ways to be involved with the group even if you are not on campus very often or live in Rochester. We are always looking for ideas and input from all students in the program. We also are interested in appointing a Rochester Liaison so that more programs and events can occur there.

~~Kelly Kroese

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