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LIS GSA Open Forum

LIS GSA, as part of their mandate to act as advocates for the student body, held an open forum where students could express their ideas about the accreditation process, curriculum and anything else on their minds. The meeting was moderated by a SILS alum, Karen Reczek.
The forum was productive and LIS GSA would like to thank all students who participated in the forum and emailed us with questions and suggestions.
The next step will be to take these ideas and create a document. The document will be presented to the faculty to which we are asking for a written response. We have included our goals and outcomes for your perusal. We will keep you updated.

LIS GSA Open Forum Goals
LIS GSA seeks to create a safe space in which students can express their ideas about: the Department’s continued growth, the involvement with the Graduate School of Education, and the American Library Association Accreditation process.  LIS GSA will create this space to ensure that students’ opinions, ideas, and concerns are heard and formerly recorded.

Expected Outcomes
LIS GSA will create a working document from these discussions.  This document will contain student opinions as well as constructive ideas of how to create and implement these programs and suggestions.  LIS GSA wil submit this document to LIS Council and request a written reply which should include identified next steps such as any recommended actions or other response needed.

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ALA Midwinter Conference: A Student’s Perspective


11pm: arrive in Philly; drive in circles until find hotel


8:30am: walk to conference center and collect badge holder

8:50am: wait with the crowd for the exhibit hall to open

9:20am: search for a stronger bag to hold all the free books

11:00am: drop first load of goods back at the hotel; lunch at the Reading Terminal Market

1:30pm: Best Books for Young Adults session

1:32pm: realize this is more of a business meeting; sneak out

2:00pm: back to the exhibit hall

3:30pm: free shuttle to the Doubletree for Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers

4:00pm: pick up valuable handouts and browse committee selections

6:00pm: back at hotel; quick rest before dinner

9:00pm: wandering around Philly (great city for walking)

10:00pm: National Mechanics Bar; Dance Dance Library Revolution; Dewey Decimator anyone?


9:00am: our only “real” breakfast of the weekend

10:00am: Liberty Bell and Independence Hall

1:00pm: Best Graphic Novels; received a tip from a veteran about the teen session

2:00pm: Best Books for Young Adults – Teen Session; best part of the conference

6:00pm: reception in the president’s suite on the 21st floor

7:30pm: sneak preview of Spiderwick Chronicles (nicely done)


7:45am: doors open to Youth Media Awards Press Conference

8:30am: add titles of winners to reading list

9:00am: one last trip through the exhibit hall

10:30am: on our way back to NY


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